A Younique Party Is as Easy as Sharing a Link with Your Friends!

Sharing the things you love comes naturally. Sharing your love of Younique is not only fun, but also rewarding! Introduce your friends to their new favorite cosmetics by hosting your own Virtual Party, and earn a little something extra for your generosity. There's just too much to love about Younique to keep it all to yourself. Let the Party begin!

How It Works

The rewards you earn from hosting Younique Parties are calculated through a points-based system. Every product purchased from a Party contributes to the total amount of points. As a Party Host, all you need to do is share a special link with your friends on your favorite social media sites, via email, or even text it to them! Then, as they shop they'll be able to see how many points their purchases are contributing, and how close you are to earning free and half-priced products. It's simple and easy!

Party Rewards Chart

Party your way to amazing rewards! The more your guests purchase, the more you earn.
Party PerformanceRewards
Party PointsReward LevelReward PointsFree Product Credit1/2 Price Items
200 - 34910%20 - 34$20.00 - $34.901
350 - 49912%42 - 59$42.00 - $59.882
500 - 99914%70 - 139$70.00 - $139.863
How Much Can You Earn
Party Performance
Party Points
1/2 Price Items
Free Product Credit

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